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Light camera action

July 17, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I hadn't seriously tried the Sony RX10 (which is not very heavy, hence the lame attempt at a joke in the title) out for action until recently, and since I've started to use the "wide" autofocus setting, I've been giving action photography a go.

I recently went to see a local(ish) boat race spectacle, which was the perfect opportunity to see what the RX10 could do. It also meant I could make use of the zoom range and extended range in JPEG mode.

Conclusion : while it doesn't stack up to a good DSLR, the AF performance isn't bad at all. I don't use it in continuous, though; instead I go with single AF and timing.

Anyway, here are some of the results.

























Then, a week or two later, I chanced upon a demonstration of 3 vs 3 basketball being held in Nagoya itself. I didn't stay to watch it for long, but I was there long enough to get a few shots. Again, the camera did quite well given that it's not a dedicated sports camera.















Overall, I found that the RX10 can do sports quite well as long as you understand its limitations. I may do some more of this kind of shooting in the future.

More to come (of other topics) in the coming weeks.

Thanks for looking!





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