Back on home turf, part 2

June 29, 2014 - Continuing the "local" theme from part 1...this time including some pics from the RX100, which I no longer have. More on...
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Back on home turf, part 1

June 22, 2014 - That's "home turf", in a manner of speaking, at least. Although I try not to make a distinction between holidays / trave...
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Niigata and Sado Island part 3: Niigata redux and views from the plane

June 08, 2014 - Back to Niigata for the last night, which basically meant waiting around for sunset. First a couple of shots from the re...
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Niigata and Sado Island part 2: Sado Island

June 01, 2014 - Sado is an island to the north-west of Niigata. It takes around an hour by jetfoil, and presumably somewhat longer by fe...
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This is a collection of posts. Some (most) have a particular theme, but some are just collections. I try to only include my best shots in here.


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