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Tokyo and Düsseldorf, part 2

May 24, 2013 - Second day (and the day of the concert, to which I was very much looking forward). But before that, more pictures....
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Tokyo and Düsseldorf, day 1

May 19, 2013 - I never need an excuse to go to Tokyo, but give me a good enough reason and I'm there. This time it was the chance to se...
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Small cameras with big performances

May 06, 2013 - Firstly, this blog had its two thousandth visitor recently. A nice little milestone, so thank you to everyone who reads...
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Nakasendo part 4

May 03, 2013 - Final part of the Nakasendo trip. The stretch of road which we walked has a suitable end point in Tsumago (妻籠), one of...
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