Travel shots part 2: Kanazawa

December 30, 2013 - Kanazawa lies up in Ishikawa prefecture, by the Sea of Japan. It was my first time there, so I was pretty open to what w...
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Travel shots part 1: Ise

December 26, 2013 - Ise (pronounced "ee-say") is a town in Mie prefecture, and is mostly known for being the site of Ise Shrine, probably th...
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The colours of Autumn, part 3: lightup

December 17, 2013 - One of the cool things about Japan in the autumn is how gardens will have special events in which they illuminate the au...
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The colours of autumn, part 2

December 09, 2013 - Firstly, we just passed four thousand visitors, so if you are a regular viewer, just come along now and then, or even if...
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The colours of Autumn, part 1

December 03, 2013 - Yes, it's that time again. Time when you can't find an area of Japan with a camera-person ratio of less than 1:1 (and I...
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