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Jon D(non-registered)
I'll be sure to do so :)

Yes, I get the impression you're rather a prolific photographer, so it's only natural that the gear would take a bit of a beating! It's just a shame there's very little out there that really occupies the same space as the RD1, though I bet the X100T isn't so far off. I had the original X100 and liked it a lot, but wanted a bit more versatility with glass at a time when I couldn't justify keeping it as a second/everyday carry option. I've read very good things about the T and F updates though.

I know exactly what you mean- for me the Sigmas are my ultimate IQ option (I'll probably sell the SD Quattro soon though), the RD1 is my "I want to go and enjoy the experience of taking some photos" option and an old Olympus Pen as an everyday carry/versatile option. For all the practicality/usability quirks of the Sigmas though, I like that they force you to slow down and take a measured approach, and my 'keeper rate' with the Merrill is an order of magnitude away from any other cameras I've shot with.

If you enjoyed Helsinki, I think Copenhagen would go down well. Stockholm is still on my list though :) And I can't say I know Ramses but perhaps i'll reach out, i'm relatively new in town and from his instagram he also has a sharp eye for a nice frame and knows some good spots!

My own website is perpetually on my 'todo' list but I have a small number of shots at https://ello.co/thandayme - But I am one of those silly people who spends so much time lusting over, trying out, and selling on cameras... yet doesn't devote much time at all to going back over the photos or posting them anywhere. It's something i intend to fix, and your blog is giving me some inspiration there :)

Thanks and apologies regarding the email, my server can be buggy but should be working now!
JTL Photography
Hi Jon. Thanks for the message and positive feedback. It's much appreciated. Feel free to share the blog with other photographically-minded friends if you like.

I really liked the R-D1, and I kept using it until it literally stopped working. That's more of a testament to how much I used it than its build quality, which was excellent. While the head says it wouldn't be smart to get another one (they don't service them anymore and used ones cost a fair chunk of change even now), the heart thinks it would be fun. In the meantime, shooting the Fuji X100T like it was a rangefinder is one way to get a similar-ish shooting experience.

The Sigmas are sort of the polar opposite of the R-D1, I find. The Sigmas are all about insane IQ (at low ISO) at the expense of pretty much everything else, whereas the R-D1 is all about usability. The IQ is pretty impressive given its age, but in terms of IQ the Sigmas are in a different league, as you have probably noticed.

I haven't had the pleasure of visiting Copenhagen yet, but if it's anything like Helsinki and Stockholm it will definitely be on my list of places to go.

Strangely enough, I met a guy from Copenhagen here in Tokyo a month or so ago - his comment is under yours. Maybe you are acquainted with him?

Thanks again for the message - if you have a site with your pictures, I'd be interested to see them!

BTW, I tried to reply via mail, but I got a "delivery failure" message, so I'm replying here instead.

Jon D(non-registered)
Just a note to say i've just discovered your blog and there are some fantastic captures on there, you definitely have a great eye! I'm particularly partial to the harsh-light street shots and bolder geometric compositions :)

A case of poor timing here, but I happened upon your site by chance as I was browsing around for people still using the R-D1, since i've just picked one up. Funnily enough, this time last year I was shooting with a Sony A7 and also moved away from it because of the experience or 'feel' of shooting with it, despite it being such a competent package on the spec sheets. I can't bring myself to part with my lesser-used Sigma cameras (DP2M, SD Quattro) which I noticed you've also had a foray into, and my everyday carry is an Olympus MFT. Well, they say great minds think alike :)

Greetings from Copenhagen (from a fellow Brit as well :)

P.S. Should you ever visit, hit me up for a photowalk and a pint!
JTL Photography
Hi, thanks for the message!

I enjoyed the walk too. Hope you enjoy the rest of your time in Japan. I look forward to checking out your pictures!
Ramsés C.(non-registered)
Hey thanks a lot for walking me through nice locations today! Would love to do that again.

My IG is http://instagram.com/ramsescabello
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