JTL Photography | Extremes, part 4 : Tokyo, part 2

Extremes, part 4 : Tokyo, part 2

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Hope these titles are starting to make some kind of sense. However, we are more interested in pictures than words, so on to the concluding entry from Tokyo. Hope you like it!

The remainder of the time we spent in Tokyo was spent in some areas we hadn't been to before, which gave me a chance to get some vertigo-inducing shots.





I like getting "contrasty" (in terms of subjects, not in terms of dark and light) pictures in Tokyo - old temples and new buildings.









The next shots were only possible because I had the Sony with me. I wanted a very definite look : almost totally silhouetted inside, but with just enough detail to suggest the contents. A good EVF makes this somewhat easier (and some dodging and burning later on doesn't hurt either)









I used the iPhone (7 plus) a little too. We stopped for a coffee in this little shop, and there was some interesting light coming in through the window. It took some post processing, but the end result was quite interesting.





A couple shot on the way back to the hotel (we were staying in Shinagawa)






Shinagawa area at night.





There's an expression in Japanese : "看板犬", literally "signboard dog" and referring to a dog that a store owner keeps as a way of attracting customers.





We decided to have breakfast in Shinagawa station itself, and this happened to coincide with rush hour. It's interesting enough shooting it from within the crowd...




...but when you can see it from above, it's something else entirely. (Technically I wasn't supposed to shoot this, but in my defence I only noticed the very politely worded sign after I'd taken the shot)




To round this one off, some shots from central Tokyo and Tokyo station itself.




















And finally, a total break in character : a photo of food. I would normally never do this (I don't generally give much thought to food in daily life other than a certain self-imposed dietary restriction), but when we found this place in Tokyo station selling vegan ramen - not vegetarian, but vegan - I had to get a shot of it, because of the sheer novelty factor. Japan's not the world's greatest place if you happen to be a vegetarian (as I am - that's the self-imposed dietary restriction I mentioned), but you can learn to deal with it as long as you can read ingredients and speak enough Japanese. But to find vegan ramen was a surprise (although, Tokyo being Tokyo, I shouldn't really be surprised). This place is firmly marked on my "go-to" list the next time I'm up in Tokyo. And, as a bonus, it was absolutely delicious. (Just before I posted this, I was told that there is now such a place in my town as well. Wonders will never cease!)



That concludes the "Tokyo" part of this series; the beginning of the next part (the other "extreme") will hopefully be up at this time next week.


Thanks for looking!







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