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Urban scenes

June 17, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

It's not that Tokyo doesn't have any nature; it does. But the areas I've been shooting in recently have been very, very urban in nature, if you'll excuse the odd wording. Urban shooting is a different kettle of fish to nature shooting; with the latter, you often have to wait for the light to be just how you want it, then you have to be ready. Shooting in the cities doesn't have quite the same sense of urgency to it, in my experience at least.

This is to say that all the pictures this time round are fairly urban. Not that I have anything against photographing nature; I hope to do more of it soon.

Hope you like the pictures!

































I'd like to say that this made a dent in the backlog of photos I have, but it would only be true if we take "dent" in the sense of "very small dent". Still, bit by bit we'll bring it down...

Thanks for looking!



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