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I've slowly been getting more and more used to the Sony RX10, after initially being somewhat lukewarm about it. It has made me start looking at things like aspect ratios, which I had never really considered before, and I've even (hangs head in shame) started shooting JPEG with it, to make use of the extended zoom. Sony claim that it is less destructive than regular digital zoom and, as I mentioned in a previous post, I've seen some pictures which seem to suggest that there may be something to that claim.

Anyway, everything in this post is from the 28-200mm equivalent, f2.8 constant, all-rounder. Hope you like it.









I met this man and his dog in the local park. It's hard to say who was the more entertaining; they were both real characters. The dog's name is "Django", apparently named after the legendary jazz guitarist.






















And lastly, this one, which came out sort of like an old Chinese painting. Not how I envisioned it, but these lucky accidents happen.





Plenty more to come including the fairly-much-obligatory-if-you-live-in-Japan cherry blossom pictures.


Thanks for looking!









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