JTL Photography | Extremes, part 1

Extremes, part 1

October 01, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I alluded a while back to "a change". The change in question is the result of my Sony RX10 deciding to no longer work (the memory card slot is basically now useless), which meant I had to find a replacement for it. As fortune would have it, a local camera store had its third incarnation, the RX10 mark 3, for a pretty reasonable deal. As I already had a battery and charger for the mark 1 (both of which work with the mark 3) then it was a perfect solution.

The "extreme" in the title refers to two things. The first is the zoom range of the RX10 mark 3 which goes from (in 35mm terms) 24mm to 600mm. I have never shot with anything even close to that kind of range before; the nearest was a Nikon 28-300 which I used to use. The second "extreme" refers to the subject of later additions to this series (and it could be a long one), so that will be revealed in later posts. 

The other nice thing about going from the RX10 mark 1 to the mark 3 is that I was already pretty familiar with the handling of it (and the picture quality : no complaints whatsoever, especially given that it packs a 25x zoom), so once I'd set the menus and function keys up to how I like them, I was ready to go. Of course, being Sony, the menus are in Japanese only for what is presumably some marketing reason or other), but you can't have it all...anyway, to start off this series, some of the first shots I took with the RX10 mark 3. Hope you like them.









































That's just part 1 of what looks likely to be a pretty extensive series. Keep an eye out for the next part which should hopefully be along in a week or two.

Thanks for looking!





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