Shikoku part 2 : Katsurahama and Matsuyama

January 28, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

The concluding part of this little travel series takes in Katsurahama (a beach near Kochi) and the city of Matsuyama. I didn't get that many shots from the beach (the weather wasn't entirely perfect, for one thing), but a few got through the editing process.
















The rest of the article features pictures from Matsuyama, which has significantly more of a "big-city" feel than Kochi. We also had much better weather and some pretty spectacular light later in the afternoon.














A little mini-series featuring the lockers at Dogo Onsen, a well known hot spring resort in Matsuyama.







When I said that we had spectacular light in the afternoon, the above locker shots, and the following shots which round off the article, are what I was referring to.











That's it for this little travel series, but plenty more to come.

Thanks for looking!














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